In Earnest - Reasons to Stay Alive EP (self-released, 2021)

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ARTIST: in earnest
EP TITLE: ‘reasons to stay alive’

Στις 8 Οκτωβρίου, οι in earnest θα κυκλοφορήσουν το δεύτερο EP τους «Reasons to Stay Alive», ένα δίσκο 6 κομματιών με διακυμάνσεις μεταξύ των τραγουδιών. Η τριάδα του Southend-on-Sea (Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο) τροφοδοτείται από τη σύνθεση τραγουδιών των Sarah Holburn και Tom Eatherton, ενώ συμμετέχει και ο instrumentalist Toby Shaer.

in earnest 01
Στο «Reasons to Stay Alive», οι in earnest αντιμετωπίζουν θέματα όπως η απόγνωση, η ευγνωμοσύνη, διάφορες σκέψεις για τη ζωή και το θάνατο, αλλά και η κλιματική κρίση. Πέρα από μια απλή συλλογή τραγουδιών, τα έξι κομμάτια ρέουν απρόσκοπτα το ένα στο άλλο για να δημιουργήσουν μια σύνθεση 22 λεπτών που θα επιστρέψει σε ένα αέναο έργο τέχνης, συνδυασμού indie, folk και post-rock με progressive τάσεις.
Η μπάντα εξηγεί: «Το EP πήρε τον τίτλο του από ένα βιβλίο του Matt Haig, το οποίο αρχικά μας ενέπνευσε να μιλήσουμε τόσο ανοιχτά για τις ψυχικές ασθένειες. Γράψαμε αυτά τα τραγούδια για να καταγράψουμε τα προσωπικά μας "πάνω" και "κάτω", των τελευταίων δύο χρόνων. Ολόκληρος ο δίσκος έχει μια κυκλική λογική για να αντικατοπτρίζει το πως οι περισσότεροι από εμάς έχουμε νιώσει, βρισκόμενοι κολλημένοι σε έναν ατελείωτο βρόχο».
Το EP ηχογραφήθηκε σε διάστημα 4 ημερών, τον Σεπτέμβριο του 2020 και περιλαμβάνει επίσης το ντεμπούτο instrumental κομμάτι τους, το οποίο συνέθεσε ο Toby. Το «Reason to Stay Alive» θα βρει απήχηση στους θαυμαστές της Phoebe Bridgers, των Big Thief και της Julien Baker.
Δείτε το teaser για το EP

"Reasons to Stay Alive"

1. the days in between
2. i feel alone even if i’m not
3. comforts of home
4. humans
5. welcome to hope county
6. hands are tied

in earnest 03
Lyrics:‘reasons to stay alive’ - in earnest

the days in between

i really believe i should have died last year
missed the christmas lights, missed december cheer
missed a whole lot of seasons come around again
and all the days in between

here's to the things i would've been without
the taste of morning tea, one hundred and seventeen nights
the unworn jeans laying on the bed
and all the days in between

i remember the night i had that dream
there was nowhere else i'd rather be
now there's nothing else i dearly need
but those days in between

we'd lose a bunch of stories to time
my name lost in centuries of files
when all that's left of me are crumbs
i'd lose the dog walks in sunshine
a day-by-day, long-term decline
'cause that's all we do until the reaper comes

here's to the lost days i would've been without
seeing my mother's pain, watching my old dog die
a couple of nights spent in nyc
and all the days in between

i'd miss the way you take the load
everytime i cry to abbey road
now there's nothing else i dearly need
but rising suns and air to breathe
no there's nothing else i really need
but those days in between

i feel alone even if i’m not

this is where we both stand
crawling, both knees, both hands
die to undo the decomposing
this isn't how we planned it
living by the skin of our teeth
swill the kitchen bleach to clutch a lifeline
clean your insides

i feel alone even if i'm not
i feel alone even if i'm not

the castle seems far away
it's rotting in a picture frame
the couple there both share a name
john doe and jane
and how is he to tell her
the thoughts he did invite that day
to crash the car all just to feel nothing
to feel something other than rage

i feel alone even if i'm not
i feel alone even if i'm not
i feel alone even if i'm not

to feel nothing
to feel something
to feel nothing
to feel something

i feel alone even if i'm not
i feel alone even if i'm not
i feel alone even if i'm not
i feel alone even if i'm not


humans are so impulsive, they just don't think
ferrying in and out of sunlight because someone else did
add a pile to the mountain, subtract being able to see
multiply eight billion
that's what you're doing to me

there's shadows in the water, suffocating our wondrous blue
if every creature is only a number, then so the fuck are you

where's your own opinion?
will you invite mother nature to dance?
or take a sip of abandonment?
cheers to you in advance

what will you do?
what will you do?
what will you do?
an infant's draining cry, a mother's empty call
a habitual melting pot, a walrus waterfall
you choose to swim, a place where toxins leak
there's fragments in your fish and chips - does it still taste clean?
a whale song frequency, it's no wonderland
bellies full of single-use washed up on the sand
take a great big breath, can you smell the fossil fuels?
noxious, reeking co2 in every molecule
creatures of habit do things 'cause they're told
the need for pasty flesh and bone has spun out of control
please take me back to how it was before
humans were not wasteful, rainforests didn't roar

what will you do?
what will you do?
what will you do to save me?

welcome to hope county

you are the lifeblood in my veins
the only thing i have to save
our time is too short for goodness' sake
you are the grail in my arms
hardly holy but that doesn't mean much
you are the mother to both my dogs

there's wreckage all around
i can't stand to know at times i bring you down
the meds take all the blame
i can't watch you drown, a deckchair in the rain

this is a far cry from giving up
waving the white flag when things get rough
we'll learn to grow old with thicker blood

there's wreckage all around
i'll burn with you forever if i can't put it out
the worst is over now
taming your black hound
don't let it weigh you down

my head is in my hands again
keep your tether by your side
there are reasons to stay alive
there are reasons to stay alive
there are reasons to stay alive

hands are tied

i feel it all too much yet not at all
facing a landslide, facing a wall
don't debilitate, i'm just chasing the ball
chasing the ball
can't remember a thing but i remember how it feels
how can i write a song when you've got the wheel?
how can i, when my hands are tied?

i want to turn all the pages and play all the keys
visit all the places that you've ever been
i want to track you down and finish you off
because you constantly tell me i'm not good enough
i need to walk the staircase but you're walking ahead
i need some space but you're tracing my steps
how can i, when my hands are tied?

i carry the weight of a thousand books
but don't know what page i'm on
my friend said that i'll be okay
turns out they were wrong
i'm taking my pills, doing my time
pour my heart out in a song
the only thing i know is i don't think i can go on.

In Earnest

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