Budapest in 14 photos and 4 songs v_era

Budapest in 14 photos and 4 songs

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Our Trip to Budapest

Budapest is the Pearl on the Danube. A beautiful city on the shores of the longest European river, with many things to see, good food, fantastic night life and beautiful urban landscapes. You will meet interesting people, you will find tons of bars, clubs, gigs, bookstores, vintage shops, museums of all kind. All these create a wonderful atmosphere that one should experience at least once in a lifetime.

This is our view on Budapest:

1. Margarita island lies on Danube, between Buda and Pest. A green heaven for both Budapestians and tourists.


2. A glass-bottom swimming pool in the center of the city. A (hell of a) place to meet!



3. A place of history and flowers. Lots of flowers.


4. Look around you carefully and listen. You might hit a gig inside a small yard.


5. Beautiful cafes and bars all over the city center.


6. Beach bars on the Danube shores. A summertime must!


7. Architecture and pleasure on the shores of Danube.


8. Style is everywhere, even inside the metro stations.


9. Gourmet street food, outdoor, in Yards. This is Budapest.


10. Beautiful, historic and…playful bridges fly above Danube.


11. Goulash! Don't leave the city before you try it!


12. You'll discover something wonderful at every turn!


13. The city is full of Pomkocsmá (ruin pubs), landmark places for a drink and music!


14. A historic place where people were interrogated and tortured during the fasists and Stalinist regimes.



Sliders in Budapest - The Soundtrack

1. George Ezra - Budapest

2. Car Seat Headrest - Vincent

3. Fink - Pilgrim

4. Elecrelane - Mother


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