Gytheio and surroundings (Mani peninsula) in 46 photos and 5 songs v_era

Gytheio and surroundings (Mani peninsula) in 46 photos and 5 songs

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During the bankholiday of the 28th of October 2021, us, Sliders, visited Gytheio and the surrounding area of Mani. Mani is the central of the three peninsulas extending southwards from the Peloponnese in southern Greece. A very historic place, a landmark for the country as it is said that Areopoli (capital of Mani) is the place that on March 17, 1821, Greeks proclaimed their revolution against the Ottoman empire.


Gytheio (or Gythio)

1. Gytheio is the seaport of Sparta. It is a small, beautiful and typical seashore greek town.

githeio 02

2. A fishing boat waiting for its owner in the port. Greek beauty!

githeio 03

3. Small colorfull houses. Picturesque Gytheio.

githeio 04


githeio 12

4. The remains of a very old grocery store in the center of the city.

githeio 15

5. Cycle your way around the city and its beautiful surroundings

githeio 07

6. Tzannetakis Tower, a well preserved building on the island of Marathonisi, which you can visit on foot. It lies on the southern end of the city.

githeio 08

7. The lighthouse of Kranai on the island of Marathonisi, lighting the way for the ships approaching the port.

githeio 09

8. Enjoy perfect local ways to eat the traditional souvlaki (known as "travichti pita").

githeio 11

9. Try one of the local beers with a name known worldwide. "Sparta" the name of the biggest city of Lakonia district, part of which is Mani.

githeio 10

10. Gytheio (port area) by night

githeio 05

githeio 06

12. A ship wreck and the fact that the ship was left there, never being picked up for amenting or even putting it away, resulted in creating the famous "Dimitrios Shipwreck", at Valtaki Gytheio, a "must see" of the area.



13. Skoutari, a beautiful beach close to the city of Gytheio. Magnificent landscape, crystal waters. And of course, olive trees close to the sea.

skoutari 01

skoutari 02

skoutari 03


14. One of the most famous caves of Greece, Diros, is situated south of Areopoli. It really worths paying a visit, the beauty cannot be described by words.

cave 01

githeio 14

cave 03


15. The capital city of Mani, Areopoli, a historic and full of interesting things to see, place.

areopoli 05

areopoli 03

areopoli 01

areopoli 04

areopoli 06

areopoli 02

areopoli 07


16. Beautiful Limeni, the "hype"  village of the area.

limeni 01

limeni 05

limeni 02

limeni 03

limeni 04

limeni 06

limeni 07


17. The village of Oitylo, 80 Km south of Sparti, at an altitude of 240m, is a typical well preserved village of the peninsula.

oitylo 01

oitylo 03

oitylo 02

oitylo 05

oitylo 06

oitylo 08

oitylo 07


18. On your way back from Gytheio, if you chose the route via Kalamata, a must stop village is Kardamyli (or Kardamili)

kardamyli 01

kardamyli 03

kardamyli 02

kardamyli 04

kardamyli 06

kardamyli 05

 5 Songs for the trip to Gytheio

 1.The Twilight Singers - Don't Call

2. Tori Amos - Past the Mission

3. Anathema -  Looking Outside Inside

4. Songs: Ohia - The Black Crow 

5. Robert Plant - Up on the Hollow Hill (Understanding Arthur)

 Photos: v_era

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