To 2o Athens Underground Pop Fest And Convention είναι γεγονός! Παρασκευή 17 & Σάββατο 18 Μαΐου, στο Half Note Jazz Club & το Tiki Bar!

A year after the 1st Athens Underground Pop Fest And Convention, the great Athenian celebration of indie pop music returns to the Half Note stage, on May 17th and 18th, with eight bands, DJs, a huge load of indie history but, above all, fans from all over the world who, just like last year, will turn the festival into a big party, with lots of fun, dancing and drinking.
From the fans for the fans, we will honor our musical heroes and the culture they represent. After all, the organization sticks to the DIY principles that it always aspired to, as the profits will cover exclusively the accommodation and the expenses of the artists, who participate on a non-profit basis. Pop music, Punk heart..


The Flatmates: The band from Bristol, with an elite position on the roster of the legendary Subway Organization, one of the most important independent labels in the history of Great Britain, are coming to our country for the first time. It's a honor to watch The Flatmates perform live but, in addition to that, band member and founder of the Subway Organization, Martin Whitehead, will give a talk at the Tiki Bar, giving us the opportunity to listen to the stories we read fanatically as little kids about the label itself, the independent scene of the mid-80s, John Peel, Bristol etc.

Karen: As last year, Davey Woodward, frontman of The Brilliant Corners, comes to visit us, only this time he "carries" reinforcements: the indie-pop supergroup Karen, which consists of Davey himself, of Hugo Owen Morgan ( Loop) and Tom Adams (Secret Shine). They are expected to play tracks from one of the best indie records of recent years, the self-titled Karen LP and maybe more....

Silver Biplanes: Tim Vass (ex – Razorcuts) and his wife Vanessa (The Melons) made their first live appearance last year on the Half Note stage with their band mates Rob, Steve and Noel, where they loved – and were loved – fanatically (by) the Greek audience. Having released one of the best records of 2023, A Moment In The Sun, they are back where they belong, to present their brand new album.

Action Painting!: The big Sarah or Subway dilemma can be finally answered. Joking or not, the bottom line is that a band from Sarah's roster will be performing with us. They recently released a new song on a split flexi through raving pop blast records, and a new album is under preparation.

The Legendary Bang: One of the deepest wishes of the organizers, but also of the hardcore pop fans, the Legendary Bang from Germany, will represent an also legendary label, that of Marsh - Marigold. And they will pose another dilemma: Is Mozzer Dead?

One Night Suzan: The local guys, part of the golden generation of Greek indie-pop of the early 90s and This Happy Feeling records, who recently release their second compilation album through Make Me Happy records, will prove that they are still going strong...

Candymouse: Put together Mousefolk and Candy Darlings and here you are, it's Candymouse. Formed by the members of the above bands, these cult figures of Bristol's indie pop scene will be present in Athens. They will present their forthcoming first album. Stuart Parslow is going to play an acoustic set in addition at Tiki, and he is going to tell the story of Teatime records and post-C86 scene.

Jowe Head's Infernal Trinity: Television Personalities, Swell Maps (and much more). These two names are enough for someone to realize the significance of Jowe. With his new shape, Jowe will introduce himself to us again and he will also give a speech at Tiki Bar, accompanied by Infernal Trinity for an acoustic set.

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Friday 17th of May, HALF NOTE JAZZ CLUB (17, TRIVONIANOU STR., METS, Athens)
Doors open at 20:15
20:45-21:25 Candymouse
21:30-22:25 Jowe Head’s Infernal Trinity
22:30-23:15 Karen
23:20-00:00 The Legendary Bang

Saturday 18th of May, HALF NOTE JAZZ CLUB
Doors open at 20:30
21:00-21:35 Action Painting
21:40-22:30 silver biplanes
22:35-23:25 The Flatmates
23:30-00:20 One Night Suzan
An indie disco party will follow till early morning hours with dj’s Anda Snack, Al Duncan, Dimitris Voglis the Old Bad Hahits label crew.

Saturday 18th of May convention at Tiki Bar Athens (free entry)Falirou 15 Makrigianni, Athens :
Acoustic sets by:
Stuart Parslow (The Candy Darlings, Mousefolk)
Davey Woodward (The Brilliant Corners, Experimental Pop Band, Karen, The Winter Orphans)
Jowe Head's Infernal Trinity
Immanic (The WaterStriders)
Stories by:
Davey Woodward
Jowe head (TVP's, The Swell Maps, his arts, etc.)
Martin Whitehead (The Flatmates, The Subway Organization)
Stuart Parslow (Teatime Records, etc.)

Kick off!