Animal Debuts#4 : Nicky Kokkoli // Dave De Rose // Bey with Marius Mathiszik, Φ48, Κυριακή 19 Μαΐου!

Πέμπτη, 16 Μαΐου 2024 14:47
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For the 4th edition of ANIMAL DEBUTS Marius teams up with the following 3 plasmata:

NICKY KOKKOLI - sax/fX a young talented saxophonist with a high interest in sound exploration. The enticing results of such field studies may be heard on Nicky's upcoming solo release 'Project Nascence'.

DAVE DE ROSE - drums a never sleeping source of musical creation. While Athens knows him as an improvising bass player with a certain regard for African rhythms and electronic sound culture, the background radiation of a brilliant session drummer, who's talents have been employed by Mulatu Astatke, Rokia Traore, Electric Jalaba and many more, may still be felt.

BEY - vinyl set + surprise
...One of the Athenian label Fortune Cut's finest - BEY (aka Dimitris Kalousis) - is a true music connoisseur, who's rich palette as a multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound engineer can be heard within MitsoGusto, Bangies or Colorgraphs. While on Sunday we'll be hearing him primarily as a DJ, there is a not too uncertain probability that we are goint to join forces on the live stage as well...

ANIMAL DEBUTS is a new format where in collaboration with Φ48 Athenian based composer, guitarist and sound artist Marius Mathiszik brings together 1st-time-combinations of experienced players, exploring the field of non-traditional, sound & rhythm based improvisation.

Doors: 20 h
Start: 20.45 (on time, as live music has to stop at 23 h)
Sugg. donation: 5 €
Nicky Kokkoli:
Dave De Rose:
Marius Mathiszik:

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Φ48: Φαβιέρου 48, 104 38 Αθήνα